(Gli ultimi a vederli vivere)
Feature, 80′
Director: Sara Summa
Production: German Film and Television Academy
1:1,85· 2K Arri Amira+ Zeiss Ultra Primes


Southern Italy, the end of summer: the Durati family lives in an isolated house amidst the imposing rocky landscape. Both protected and cut off from everything, they are connected to the outside world by a single road that runs through their olive tree plantation. Today, as they prepare to celebrate the older sister’s impending wedding, time flies in this secluded reality. Dora, Matteo, Renzo and Alice Durati don’t realize this is their last day alive.



Berlinale, Sektion Forum, February 2019

Sehsüchte, International Student Film Festival, April 2019

Cinema Jove, Festival Internacional de Cine de Valencia, June 2019
Cinepocalypse Film Festival, Chicago, June 2019
BRIFF, Brussels International Film Festival, June 2019
VIKK, Vancouver International Film Festival, September 2019



The Last to See Them, Feature 80′, Berlinale Sektion Forum 2019